The more I watch of the history channel and their Nostradamus 'marathons'/aka, multiple shows stating the same thing by different people with a few new words each go around/ the more I think... 'holy shit 2012'. And then add into account the events of turmoil in the world. I dunno about you but all this validation about the tectonic plates, and axis shifting and earthquakes and conflict in the middle east/north africa is really getting me thinking. Why? Same reason people thought the Y2K was a big deal. Just because. I'm seriously waiting for Anderson Cooper to go 'War in Libya, Earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand, famine, economic instability... sounds like 2012 is a pretty good estimate'. Somewhere, someone is doing a write up of Nostradamus for a movie/book and it's gonna become insane. I dunno... I kind wonder how everything might end up. If we make it to 2013 though... I'm buying a mercedes and making my own music video to putting on the ritz to celebrate. Maybe not. But dude, imagine ... by year 2020 conspiracists will have to come up with new material.


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